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Saskatoon Concert Band, Inc.

The Saskatoon Concert Band is a non-profit corporation in the Province of Saskatchewan and is a registered Canadian charity.

Registered Charity Number


Non-Profit Corporation Number


Board of Directors and Committees

Donna Flahr

Linda McMullen
Kailey Baum
Jim Gillis
Members at Large
Thecla Anderson
Betty Ann Arscott
Dale Calver
Diane Emberg
C.D. McIvor
Barbara Nelson
Conductors - ex officio
George Charpentier, Concert Band
Nick Todd, Auxiliary Band

Fundraising Committee
Donna Flahr, Chair
Music Committee
Dale Calver, Chair
Rehearsal Hall Committee
Linda McMullen, Chair
Nominations Committee
Jim Gillis, Co-Chair
CD McIvor, Co-Chair

Street and Mailing Address

John H. Schoen Rehearsal Hall
Saskatoon Concert Band
238 Avenue V North
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7L 3E6

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The Saskatoon Concert Band has a proud history of service and achievement. The band has had a variety of titles over the years: Canadian Air Force Band (1947), 406 Wing Band (later the 23rd Wing Band), Kinsmen Concert Band, HMCS Unicorn Band. All of these organizations were the predecessors of what is currently known as the Saskatoon Concert Band, formed as a non-profit organization in 1982.

During the era of the 23rd Wing Band the organization won the Canadian National Exhibition; this was also the timeframe that the band showcased the talents of Rafael Mendez as a guest artist. The HMCS Unicorn band performed in Saskatchewan’s Centennial year celebrations, toured Northern Saskatchewan, performed at the Legislature and the opening of the Gardiner Dam.

John H. Schoen was the conductor of the band from its inception. John was born and lived all his life in Saskatoon, the exception being his military service during the Second World War. He started playing cornet at the age of 5, later joining the Saskatoon Boys Band. John Schoen was the conductor and music director of the Saskatoon Concert Band for over 3 decades. The newly renovated Saskatoon Concert Band Hall was named in his honour in 2015.

The Saskatoon Concert Band serves the community and province in several ways. In our public concerts we have showcased promising local, provincial and Canadian musicians as our guest artists. The Saskatoon Concert Band donates their time for civic events such as the mayor’s gala and have played for visiting royal family.

The Saskatoon Concert Band comprises two bands: the Saskatoon Concert Band is under the direction of George Charpentier and the Saskatoon Auxiliary Band is under the direction of Nicholas Todd. The Saskatoon Concert Band performs 3 regular concerts and 1 outdoor “free” concert in the spring for Saskatoon and surrounding area. The Saskatoon Auxiliary Concert Band performs 2 concerts per year in Saskatoon.

The Saskatoon Auxiliary Concert Band was formed in 1987 with the intention of meeting the needs of adult developing players or individuals that have decided to pick up their instruments after a few years of not playing. Between the two bands, we offer an opportunity for players of all skill levels to play at a level that is both challenging and satisfying to their individual needs.