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Sales Start
October 25 & 226
Sales Close
November 8 & 9
Card Delivery Starts
November 22 & 23

Our Gift Card Program

The Saskatoon Concert Band and Auxiliary Band Members are selling Sobeys Banner Stores and Saskatoon Co-op gift cards!

  • These cards are worth the face value of the card.

  • Buy a $100 card from a band member for $100.

  • When you get to the store, that card is worth $100.

Sales start on October 25 (Auxiliary Band) and October 26 (Concert Band).

Sales close on November 8 (Auxiliary Band) and November 9 (Concert Band).

Cards will be delivered to you after November 22 (Auxiliary Band) and November 23 (Concert Band).

Contact the band members you know, and support our band by buying these gift cards!

Thank you for your support!

Saskatoon Co-op Gift Cards

These cards are being sold only by band members who have volunteered to do so.

  • available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations; as good as cash and can be used anytime

  • are redeemable at Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville, Colonsay, Watrous, Hepburn, Rosthern, Dalmeny and Waldheim Co-op.

  • can be used to purchase gas, grocery, prescriptions, home centre, liquor and agro centre products.

  • Exceptions: cannot be redeemed for cash, pay a charge account or purchase other gift cards.

Sobeys Bannered Stores Gift Cards

All members can sell these cards.

Band Member Information and Forms

Click here.

  • This information is for band members only.

Saskatoon Co-op
InformationForm If you are not selling Co-op cards, do NOT download this form.
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